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The Powerful Habits of Raising Confident Kids

Published Date: January 14, 2012

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A winning formula that effectively builds your children’s self esteem AND programs them to ATTRACT success — for life! This revolutionary 7 step parenting guide is guaranteed to not only raise healthy children but boost your children’s self confidence AND train them to take charge of their own destiny by instilling lifelong values to them.

Find out now how you can raise a happy child, influence your child’s self esteem, raise them with self-confidence, and program them to manifest their own success so they can be in control of their destiny!

Because this program is a systematic training for effective parenting, you will learn ways to enhance your relationship with your kids. This is an all in one parenting solutions book that not only reinforces positive parenting but also offers a “whole person” approach to child rearing.

You and your children will master techniques on how you can have absolute control of your physical and emotional well-being and how to build your self esteem and confidence.

You will raise happier, healthier, and confident kids.

It enhances the total well-being of every family member which helps build self-awareness, allowing you to boost your self-respect and trust in yourself.

You will become aligned with your whole being, expanding your mind in Habit 6, energizing your body in Habit 2, and renewing your spirit in Habit 5.

Free yourselves and your kids from the burden of carrying negative emotions from past experiences so you can begin attracting positive circumstances into your lives.

The Powerful Habits of Raising Confident Kids is an effective parenting guide, written in a comprehensive, achievable, and simple manner, which means you won’t have to do any guesswork.

It’s easy for you to understand so you can start getting yourself into the habits rightaway.

Get ready to empower yourself and your family with these powerful 7 habits so you can:

– become aware of the factors that contribute to low self esteem and begin addressing your issues
– understand how the mind, body and spirit are connected to each other
– start to become aware of what’s going on inside you
– begin making positive changes to your life
– start feeling good about yourselves
– improve your relationship with your family and other people.


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